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Psychedelics Show Medicinal Promise & Researchers Want Legality

The legal classification of psychedelic substances has created controversy for decades, cost trillions of dollars, and countless lives, but with recent scientific advancements, controversy has expanded. Researchers have been discovering incredibly beneficial effects provoked by the use of substances such as psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, and LSD. At the same time, government legal classifications all over the world describe many psychedelics as having no benefits and opponents of legalization claim these substances can be dangerous.

Does HIIT Live Up to the Hype And is it Right For You?

So it seems, whether your goal is simply upping your fitness level, preventing cardiovascular disease, strengthening muscle, optimally losing fat or keeping your blood sugar in check, HIIT may be right for you. But, like I said before there’s no one exercise fits all, likewise let’s dig into the research around high-intensity interval training and go over some of the advantages and… yes, disadvantages to see if it lives up to the hype.

The Profound Benefits of Qigong on Strength & Well-Being

I was compelled to learn more after listening to Chris Holder, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cal Poly in California talk about qigong and the potential benefits to strength training. For the record, Chris Holder holds a doctorate in Medical Qigong (DMQ-China). He also works with athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Chris speaks of a study in which he co-authored, showing athletes who participated in a 6-week qigong practice (15 minutes a day) along with weight lifting achieved greater strength gains